Why Us?

You've probably encountered plenty of other options in your search, so what makes #thegoodlifePhoto Booth stand out from the crowd?

We’re a Father & Son team

We bring the perfect mix of old-school charm and new-school technology. We’re a Father & Son team that loves having fun, Ocean’s 11, and mob movies. You’ll be part of the family when you hire us.

Experience, Energy & Effort

With over 2 Decades (that’s 20 years, for the math impaired) of event and entertainment experience, we don’t just bring the photo booth, we bring the fire/fun/fabulousness and other cool words that start with F. 

It takes more than just putting a photo booth down at your event – we bring the Energy and Effort to help your guests get the best photos and the have tons of fun. (Guys need a little extra help with posing).

Our Marketing Strategy: CARE

We run a photo booth company because we love having fun, we’re pretty cool guys, and we love bringing the latest technology to the party. That’s why we provide a service that's extremely social and amazingly interactive. The fun is not only yours but ours too!

We’re ready - Are you in or out?

Love it! What’s the Pricing?