Check out these features:

This isn’t your old-school, huge photo booth that you sit inside and get skinny photostrips. This is 2021 after all! #thegoodlife Photo Booth is high-tech, digital, social, and classy.

Capture memories beautifully

We're always finding more ways to spice up the party!

It's social!

Our photobooth is the most social booth you’ll find — it captures shareable photos, videos, GIFs and Boomerangs to show off the fabulousness of your party in realtime. With a little bit of magic, guests instantly get their captures via Textor QR code and can share them to their social media. Boom – you’re #viral!

A concierge service — fancy, right?!

Other photobooth companies just drop it off and go; but with #thegoodlife, our booth always comes with a fun and experienced attendant who will run the show. We’ll engage your guests and keep them coming back.

We're Experienced

When youchoose us, we bring the benefits of 16 years of event experience to the table —so you can relax knowing you’ll have amazing photos and a smooth service. #humblebrag

Fun and Interactive

We’re here for the party! We join right in and engage with booth visitors to help them capture the best shots. From poses to lighting, we ensure your guests look #fab.

Virtual photo booth

Have guests that can attend? #Noprob. We’ve got you covered. Guests can connect remotely to the booth simply by using their phone— pretty cool, huh?

Form meets function

As well as providing hours of fun, our photo booth looks stylish and takes up less space than many other booths — so you don’t need to worry about an old-school giant photo booth taking up all your space and ruining the vibe.

Check This Out...

Want to see our Photo Booth in action?! Check out the video below. You could have this at your event!

Don’t wait because, you know…. #FOMO.

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