October 4, 2021

How to Create a Hashtag for your Des Moines Event or Reception

Event or wedding hashtags are an amazing way to spread the word and collect memories.

Event or wedding hashtags are an amazing way to spread the word and collect memories. Even though this is not a new thing, the trend keeps rising over the years, and with a good reason - it is handy both for you and your attendees. Of course, you will need to come up with a simple yet clever and memorable word combination to gather all content under one single roof. In that spirit, today we will be covering everything you need to know about creating and using your unique hashtag!

7 Steps to help you create your own Wedding Hashtag

Coming up with an idea may seem impossible at the very moment, but by following the guidelines below, you will see that it is pretty simple. No matter whether it is for your wedding reception or event, the procedure is the same:

1. Begin with the names

Including the name of the event, both of your names, or last name is an excellent starting point. That will distinguish it from any other word combos.

2. Have fun with puns

This is mostly applicable for nuptial celebrations but can be also handy for events. The puns can be rhymes, alterations, or synonyms. Start with a few ideas and you will get the creative juices flowing.

3. Include numbers

Another asset to make your wedding hashtags more distinctive is using the year or date into the combination.

4. Avoid words that can be easily misspelled

We all know how it is when the drinks during the wedding reception or event start taking over. People can easily misspell the hashtag which would miss the whole point.

5. Use Capital Letters

That will enable the words to be read separately and clearly.

6. Don’t make it too long

If you want it to be easily remembered, keep it shorter.

7. Double-check whether the wedding hashtag has been used before

How to use the hashtag before, during, and after your wedding or event

All the planning, preparations, updates, and changes will be posted under the hashtag you have now created. Thus, it will be vital to spread it to your key players or guests. Share it across all your social media accounts, promote it, even include it in the bio of the platforms.

Furthermore, it will be vital to make it visible on the day itself. You can achieve that by incorporating it all across the venue: on the welcome sign, include it on the program, signage, bar, photo booth, on the guest book table, decor, as a custom hashtag neon light, and so much more!

After the event or wedding reception, ask your guests to share all of their content connected to the day by using your hashtag.

How to integrate the # into the photo booth

Undoubtedly, you would want to see all the amazing snaps of your big day so here are 3 ways you can integrate the hashtag into the photo booth:

  • Add the hashtag to your digital image overlay (example below);
  • Tell your guests to use the hashtag when posting their photo booth images on their social media;
  • And finally, make a sign for the hashtag.

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